Overview of the InPen app homescreen

The Home screen shows an overview of your recent blood glucose and insulin use.

Last Glucose and Last Dose 

These are quick reminders of the last glucose you entered or measured with a connected BGM or supported CGM and the last insulin dose you took with your InPen or that you manually logged in the Logbook. How long ago is displayed in hours and minutes. If the value is older than 24 hours, it is displayed as the number of days ago.

Active Insulin

Also known as IOB (Insulin-on-Board), this is an estimate of insulin from recent doses that are still active in your body. If you take a 5 unit dose, there will initially be a full 5.0 units in your body. About half of the dose is still working to lower your glucose hours after the dose. The active insulin calculation is controlled by the duration of insulin action in your therapy settings. 

IMPORTANT: Always factor in active insulin into your dosing decisions. Not considering active insulin may result in low glucose. Using the dose calculator automatically factors in active insulin in the recommendations. 

NOTE: Long-acting or basal insulin is not considered part of Active Insulin.  Active Insulin applies to rapid-acting or mealtime insulin only.

The Timeline is a graphical representation of blood glucose (purple circles) and insulin doses (blue circles) over the last 12 hours. Your most recent blood glucose and insulin doses will appear at the top, at the current time, and will move along the arc as time passes. The number within the circle represents the blood glucose value or insulin dose size. Only BGM values are shown in the timeline. 

For insulin doses, the amount of blue shading in the circle approximates the amount of the dose is still active in your body, based on the Duration of Insulin Action parameter set in Therapy Settings. Once the Duration of Insulin Action has passed, the circle will be gray, indicating that it is no longer active and no longer included in active insulin.

Notifications may appear under the timeline as yellow circles. Tap the notification and it will provide you with more information about the condition. 

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