Is InPen compatible with my phone or tablet?

InPen is compatible with devices that meet the following minimum requirements:


  • Devices with iOS 10 and higher


  • Devices with Android Operating System 6.0 and greater
  • Devices with screen resolution 720×1280 and greater
  • Tablets are not supported
How can I determine if my Android phone is compatible?
  1. On your Android device, visit Google Play Store. If the InPen app is visible in the Play Store, install it. If the InPen app is not visible in the Play Store, the device does not meet minimum requirements to install the app.
  2. Once app is installed, Open the InPen App. Upon opening the app, it will check to make sure the screen resolution meets minimum requirements.
  3. If you are presented with a login screen, the app is ready for use. 

Note: The following device(s) are not compatible with the InPen App: LG Stylo

Note: Bluetooth® performance varies due to differences in phone hardware and operating systems. The InPen App is not recommended on Jailbroken or Rooted devices.

Note: The InPen App is not available outside of the USA.