What is active insulin and how is it shown in the app?

What is active insulin?

Active Insulin, also known as IOB (Insulin-on-Board), is an estimate of how much insulin from recent doses is still active in your body. For example, if you take a 5 U dose, there will initially be a full 5.0 units in your body. Over several hours this will decrease as your body uses the insulin. The InPen app shows active insulin from rapid-acting and mealtime insulin only, not long-acting or basal insulin.

How is active insulin shown in the app?

Active insulin is shown on the homescreen above the orange calculator icon. This number shows your total active insulin based on all rapid-acting and mealtime doses from the past eight hours. 

The timeline on the homescreen also shows active insulin. Each blue dot on the timeline represents an insulin dose. The dot gradually changes to gray as the insulin dose becomes inactive over time. A completely gray circle means that the insulin dose is no longer active in your body.

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